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The Aus-Venezuelan community appeal to the Aus Parliament to discuss the Venezuelan crisis

What is currently occurring in Venezuela is nothing short of a humanitarian crisis caused by a corrupt government and broken democracy.

Since the collapse of oil prices, the economy has truly reached its breaking point with hyperinflation and rampant shortages of food and medicine. The legs have swept from beneath the corrupt regime and the poor and vulnerable have paid the price.

Venezuela has received increasing coverage from international media, such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, the ABC (Aus.) and others, but this is still not enough. Many people are still unaware of the unfolding crisis, and foreign aid has been blocked by the government.

On the 30th of March 2017, the Venezuelan Supreme Court stripped the country’s National Assembly of its independent power to enact laws, assign contracts and incur foreign debts, handing this power to the totalitarian president Nicholas Maduro. Despite winning the National Assembly election, the opposition party now has no political power. Through this, the last vestiges of Venezuela’s democracy have been torn down; leaving what is not just an authoritarian regime, but an outright dictatorship.

Until today, the government continues to violently repress peaceful demonstrations across the country and censor the media, resulting in the deaths of many protesters and the political imprisonment of many without trial.

There have been more than 69 fatalities (updated as of 31/05/17) as well as hundreds of injured people during the last weeks of protests, all of them basically young students. Their deaths are results of the violence from the police and government supported militia that denies them the chance to protest peacefully for their right to a stable future and a democratic government.

Because of the above, the Venezuelan-Australian community respectfully request for The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia, to bring the case of Venezuela to the attention of the Australian Parliament and stand up in defence of the Venezuelan democracy and the human rights of the Venezuelan people.

By supporting this cause and urging it to proceed to discussion as a point of order for the Australian Parliament, the government can directly:

a)     Raise the profile of this humanitarian crisis both within Australia and internationally

b)    Discuss foreign aid and NGO funding options in order to help alleviate food and medicine shortages.

This action will also place more pressure on the Venezuelan Government to:

a)     Immediately open humanitarian aid channels in order to alleviate the medicine and food shortage

b)    Respect the right to protest peacefully

c)     Immediately restore the democratic power of the Venezuelan National Assembly

d)     Release all political prisoners and stop continued imprisonment or prevention of opposition political leaders from running for office.

e)     Encourage the Venezuelan Government and National Electorate Council (CNE) to establish electoral calendar

The Venezuelan community is deeply grateful for your compassion and support in this matter. Whilst the voice of one is barely audible above the dim of the crowd, the voice of many united behind a single cause can create true change. We must speak for those who cannot and help those in need.

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