Tax Exemption for Aussie Farmers

Tax Exemption for Aussie Farmers

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Started by misty slee

Our farmers are doing it tougher than ever. The country is pulling together to help them as much as we can. Non perishable donations, fundraisers, hay and water drives.. we are showing our spirit of mateship every day.

And today? Channel 9 reports that Jamberoo dairy farmer Jason Maloney has raised $300,000 for his animals, and those of his neighbours, of which $90,000 is required to go to the Australian Taxation Office! Apparently it's classed as income!

Since when has passing the hat around become revenue raising for the Government?

I petition Malcolm Turnbull and our Government to instruct the ATO that ALL fundraising, including gofundme campaigns, and aid activities for our farmers are exempt from taxation.

To help them recover, all existing tax debts of primary producers in drought affected areas must be erased, with a further total tax exemption for at least 5 years.

Our agricultural industry is our lifeblood. It's what our country was built on. Even if the drought breaks tomorrow, it will take years for our farmers to recover.

Without them, our country stops.

(photo courtesy of Zara King)

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536 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!