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Since his inauguration - and during his campaign for the Presidency - Donald Trump has consistently displayed a character unworthy of entry to Australia. He has demonstrated his racism via numerous policies (eg: Muslim Ban, Zero Tolerance Policy which resulted in the separation of children from their parents who were seeking asylum and then using those children as a political bargaining tool); he has admitted to sexual assault and disdain for women on the Access Hollywood tape; praised dictators and has shown a contempt for the rule of law and freedom of the press. He does not represent in any way, shape or form the value of compassionate and forward thinking Australians. We do not want him here. 

We therefore ask the House that any proposed visit of US President Trump be blocked by amending migration laws to give federal parliament the power to stop him from visiting. This would give members of Parliament the power to refuse entry to, or deport, foreign leaders on the basis of their character.