Stop Transportation of Livestock in Extreme Weather

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Update on Live Export

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the support over the past few months, and apologies for not making contact sooner. There is currently still a huge barrier to break in ending live export, or even preventing live export to occur in extreme weather. Since creating this petition, there have been several street meetings to urge our representatives to hear us, and to call for action with us. Unfortunately there is a resistance in acknowledging this as a problem still. However, there is never reason to give up. We can still do what we can in supporting the end of live export, and urging our representatives in government to listen. With your support for this petition, I encourage you all to contact your local MP's and email representatives to express your opinion on this topic. Whilst this petition notifies those in power of public opinion, a (respectful) personal email and phone call can also go a long way. Additionally, I encourage those in support for the end of live export to please find local groups who organise rallies against live export, and street meetings with members of the council. These are two other effective ways to have voices heard. Lastly, continue to share the information you know, and inform those who are unaware of what live export is and why it is cruel and inhumane. Thank you kindly for the support and for using your voices for the voiceless, I hold hope that this will end sooner rather than later.

Jackie Korcz
4 years ago