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Stop this Electricity Madness

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We need to reduce Electricity Prices.  EVERY Australian is impacted by the rising cost of electricity in so many ways.  Not just at home,  when we shudder to open the Quarterly Electricity Bill.  The cost of each and every unit of economic activity, from baking a loaf of bread,  to pumping fuel into your car,  to creating the Aluminium and Steel we need to build our cities,  is impacted by rising power prices.  

Australia’s Chief Scientist has publicly said that if Australia completely removed all CO2 emissions,  it would have effectively no impact on Global Warming.  That is,  If Australia was to completely shut down ALL activity,  there would be no impact on Global Warming,  Climate Change,  or whatever else one may like to call it.

USA has withdrawn from the so called Paris Climate accord.  China and India refuse to sign up to the constraints of the Paris agreement 

China is adding an additional 360GW of additional coal fired power between end 2016 and end 2020 (Sydney Morning Herald 14 May 2017).

India has an additional 65GW coal fired power stations under construction,  and a further 178GW in planning stages. ( 25 April 2017)

Australia’s total coal fired power capacity is 4.9GW (Climate Council of Australia)

Australia is implementing expensive CO2 mitigation strategies that will have no impact on Global Warming,  and which are causing grave harm to the Australian Economy,  to Australian Companies,  and to the Australian people.

Signatories to this petition request that you,  immediately,  by act(s) of parliament,

1.     Make a formal statement that Electricity, Petrol and Diesel are the life blood of the Australian Economy,  Australian Jobs,  and the future development and security of Australia;

2.    Set Renewable Energy Targets to zero;

3.    State categorically that there will be no “Carbon Tax”,  in whatever form,  by whatever name;

4.    Withdraw from all so called climate agreements;

5.    Withdraw all and any subsidies for all existing and future “green” power,  including,  but not limited to eco fuels,  wind power generation,  and solar power stations;

6.    Commission the work necessary to build the necessary state of the art coal or nuclear power stations,  to provide electricity to the people of Australia;

7.    Ensure that all gas,  coal and petroleum products extracted in Australia are provided to the Australian people at no more than they can be sold for on the international markets;

8.    Remove all state and or federal taxes and or excises on all fuel products,  including diesel,  petroleum,  LPG,  and any other form of fuel;

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