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Stop the war in Syria!

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The conflict in Syria has entered another bloody year. With no end in sight, and with hundreds of thousands of civilians left dead or displaced, we call upon the Australian government to support a peaceful and negotiated plan for Syria – not more war.

Allegations of atrocities and war crimes have plagued all factions in the conflict. These allegations cannot serve as a pretext for military intervention unless they have been independently verified and carry convincing evidence. As we have learned from the false Nayirah testimony that justified US involvement in the Gulf War, or the flawed intelligence that led to the invasion of Iraq, we cannot afford to act on the basis of allegations that have not yet been investigated.

The international community does not yet have a framework for the future of Syria, and it is highly likely that regime change efforts will result in the collapse of the Syrian state and create a power vacuum that jihadist organisations will dominate.

We cannot afford to engage in a reckless military intervention that may empower ISIS and other terror organisations.

We want a blueprint for peace, and a viable plan for future Syria, not tit-for-tat missile attacks!

We, the undersigned, call upon the Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister, and Bill Shorten, Leader of the Opposition, to:

  1. Commit to joining with the international community to pursue a peaceful and negotiated solution with to end the the conflict in Syria.
  2. Rule out the prospect of any Australian involvement in military intervention in Syria for the purposes of regime change.
  3. Work with the Syrian government to ensure that the terms of the Chemical Weapons Convention, and all other relevant international conventions, are upheld.
  4. Join in coalition with foreign nations, including the Syrian government, to fight against against Islamic State and other terror groups in Syria.

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