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Stop the Victorian department of education listing aide jobs that aren't vacant

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My letter to the department of education......(Victoria)

Why do schools continue to advertise jobs that are simply NOT vacant? "We have someone for that position," is the standard reply when I ring about an aide position vacant.
Is this just an old national law that says schools have to advertise education support and integration aide jobs even if they have an applicant for the position? It seems so. 9 times out of 10 the person is already working there but they advertise the job as vacant. No. IT IS NOT A VACANCY. IT IS A POSITION THAT HAS BEEN FILLED!
I worked at a primary school last year as an aide. I applied for my job again in February and had my interview on the 8th. I didn't get the job, as I will explain soon. No drama. After 1 week I rang the school to find out if I'd been successful. The principle and the assistant principle were not available at the time and the secretary said a decision had not been made yet and that she would let the AP or the principal know.
The following week I did the same thing. I rang the school again because I hadn't heard anything and spoke to the same secretary who said she would pass my message on to the AP or the principal to let me know the outcome. Great. The following week I rang again but to be honest I was feeling more like a stalker. So I called on Friday afternoon after school had finished. A different secretary answered who assured me that the AP would definitely ring me on Monday morning. Great .. again. I thought I was still a chance because I hadn't been told no.
Sure enough on Monday morning the AP rang me and informed me that although I didn't get the job my interview went well and they had a lot of strong applicants for the position. He wished me luck in my future endeavours.
Something didn't feel right and it was bugging me as to why the long delay in notifying me or if he even got my messages.
So 3 hours later I reluctantly called again. I wanted to know when a decision had been made and more importantly if he had been notified that I'd called.
He ummed and ahhed for about 10 seconds and then replied "oh about 2 or 3 weeks ago"
"I had no idea you had called 3 times, I'm sorry I will talk to the office staff'. he said.
Well surprise surprise it turns out that the first secretary is the mother of the of a female that started working there in October last year.
To add further, towards the end of the year when no aides knew if they had a job for next year she said that her job was there for next year. So, if she has her job why then did I get an email saying that the successful applicant was her ONE DAY BEFORE I went for my interview?????
I know the department will say that its not true about the jobs but it is . It is corrupt and using an outdated law. I even wrote to the education minister Mr.Merlino who thought my complaint was about NOT getting a job. NO. I'm fine with that . It's the 1950's approach to getting a job just because your mum or dad worked there that is unfair ,unjust and goes against everything teachers teach teach and myself a mentor at school.
If it wasn't for 10 year old disabled son who passed away 9 years ago I would never have gotten into education. Up until last week I was passionate about education but no longer.
The union are aware this has been happening for a long time but are happy to let it be saying, "It goes back a long way, we know about it"

 So knowing something and doing nothing about it is not me.

Well it looks like  I might have to to change if no one else is.


 Maurice Molella 



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