Stop the English testing system for immigration and professional registration

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The use of English testing for registration and immigration purposes is merely money making and not as intended initially. We have alot of educated graduates held up trying to pass a test thst does not help them in their future employment. 

Since 2011,One of the requirements of becoming registered as a Health practioner and other professions is to undergo English testing for anyone who has not studied a vocational course full time for 5 years,has not studied high school in Australia or is not amongst the list of accepted countries by AHPRA. We petition that this requirement be looked into and stopped. Alot of graduates can not register to practice their skills because of this English requirement that has seen top of the class students still struggling and wasting their money on seating for these tests,some repeating tests as much as 50 times,so as to get the required score. These tests are unnecessary especially for nursing students who undergo clinical placements and are signed off as competent,upon completion. These clinical placements require that a student be sent to a hospital and their skills be tested,during this time,the student will be assessed on how well they communicate and their skills. Whoever is not competent can not be ticked off and i believe it is during placements that an English assessment by the facility,be taken instead of waiting for students to get their qualification and then make them suffer numerous times to take a useless test. Alot of Australian born citizens and employers have expressed disgust at how their employees have had a tough time,passing these English test. Alot of these employers have attempted these tests casually and have sweared that they can not pass,if they had to seat for them. It is a money making venture and not helping the employment sector. I believe there are wiser and more efficient ways that graduates can be assessed. How do you explain one students misfortune when his English test results of A and B in 3 out of 4 testing sections,then a C in one,which is regarded as a fail,unless A or B in all 4 (A-speaking,B-reading, B-listening and C-writing).Upon repeating the test a month later,he got a C in speaking. How do you explain a change in speaking skills,unless one experiences brain damage or an illness that affects their speaking intelligence. Please support us and hopefully we can bring an end to this testing system,that is only a money making venture. Thanking you