Stop the Australian Government making changes that are destroying family day care.

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Family day care in Australia is at risk. The government is making decisions that directly affect the viability of services, reduces available places, puts educators out of work and forcing an increase in fees for families. 

The regulatory authority are forcing a coordinator to educator ratio of 1 coordinator to every 15 educators for all services despite the law that allows a ratio of 1 coordinator to every 25 educators. Ultimately forcing costs up for services, these costs will need to be passed on to families. 

Services are having a condition imposed on their licence restricting the amount of educators a service may engage. These caps are being placed on family day care which is reducing available places for children. The caps are extremely low and there are more services being closed down each year than being approved which means family day care is actually being actively reduced in Australia. 

Families are losing their rights to choose the type of childcare that suits their families. 

Educators are losing their incomes.

The government should be using these measures for discilinary purposes only NOT for all services. 

Do not impose educator caps in family day care and stand by the 25 to 1 educator to coordinator ratio.