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Sign this petition to let Malcolm Turnbull know that you oppose the appalling decision by the Liberal Party to cut all Part A benefits to anyone with a combined income over $80,000, yet those whose combined income over $160,000 continue to be entitled to all benefits.

In todays climate anyone with a family on a combined income between $80,000 - $100,00 who have a mortgage or pay rent, have children in childcare or school are doing so on a very strict budget.  How is it that your government continues to cripple the working class to boost their revenue.

Example of how dreadful this decision is.  My daughter has just had a baby and her partner earns $55,000 which you cannot support a family on so the obvious solution is for her to get a job.  Now if she earns more than $25,000 they will lose all benefits.  On this income once childcare is paid, travel costs etc, she will be working for very little indeed and in fact, so little it is unlikely to be of much benefit to the family and in fact probably quite detrimental as her family are losing quality time with her for little remuneration,

I don’t think current MPs have any idea of the world the middle or lower classes live in, and we definitely now do have definitive classes in Australia. It is well known the extent of the wealth amongst most MPS. Your government has now also just announced that no aged pension until 70 years of age yet MPs leave parliament with their pensions regardless of age and the ability to go and work elsewhere without any effect on their parliamentary pension. How do you think this makes the working class of Australia feel.

Lets use some common sense and understanding and stop making life even harder than it already is for those whose lives and ability to maintain a good standard of living are so controlled by MPs in their Ivory Towers , mansions and investment properties

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