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1. That it is respectfully submitted that Rajputs are
found spread across India and more particularly in
north, west and central India. These areas
include Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal
Pradesh, Haryana, Jammu, Punjab, Uttarakhand,
Madhya Pradesh, and Bihar. The Rajputs are
Kshatriyas and as per popular narration there are
three kinds of Rajput clans namely Chandrvanshi,
Suryavanshi and Agnivanshi. As per the latest
estimate the total number of Rajputs residing in
Indian are around 200 Million.
2 That post 11th Century AD, Rajputs were the
predominant ruling class and ruled a large part of the
country. One of these kingdoms was the legendary
kingdom of Medapata (Mewar) which was ruled by
Ratnasimha also known as Ratan Singh. Rattan Singh
belong to Rawal Branch of the Rajputs and suceded
his father Samarasimha in around 1302 AD. The seat
of the capital of Mewar was Chittorgarh Fort in
modern day Rajasthan.
3 That around this time most part of North India was
under the Rule of Alāʾ ud-Dīn Khaljī who was the
second and the most powerful ruler of the Khalji
dynasty of Delhi Sultanate in the Indian subcontinent.
Alauddin was a devout Sunni Muslim and his
administration persecuted the Isamaili (Shia)
minorities as well as Hindus. The contemporary
Persian historian Wassaf, while describing Alauddin's
1299 Gujarat campaign, states that the Sultan was
motivated by "the zeal of religion", and that his army
massacred people "for the sake of Islam". Alauddin
and his generals destroyed several Hindu temples
during their military campaigns. These temples
included the ones at Bhilsa
(1292), Devagiri (1295), Vijapur (1298-
1310), Somnath (1299), Jhain (1301), Chidambaram
(1311) and Madurai (1311).
4 That as per the literary records of the medieval period
documents more particularly Malik Muhammad
Jayasi’s Padmavat, Ratan Singh married the Sinhala
Princes Padmini after a quest and brought her to
Chittor. Hearing about her legendary beauty Allauddin
Khilji gave order to his army to March on to
Chittorgarh. But to his dismay, on reaching Chittor,
Allah-ud-din found the fort to be heavily defended.
Desperate to have a look at the legendary beauty of
Padmini, he sent word to king Ratansen that he looked
upon Padmini as his sister and wanted to meet her.
On hearing this, the unsuspecting Ratansen asked
Padmini to see the ‘brother’. But Padmini was more
wordly-wise and she refused to meet the lustful Sultan
personally. On being persuaded by her husband
Rana Ratansen, Rani Padmini consented to Allow Alaud-
din to see her only a mirror. On the word being
sent to Ala-ud-din that Padmini would see him he
came to the fort with his best warriors who secretly
made a careful examination of the fort’s defence on
their way to the palace. On seeing Padmini, in the
mirror, the lustful ‘brother’, Allah-ud-din Khilji
decided that he should secure Padmini for himself.
While returning to his camp, Allah-ud-din was
accompanied for some way by King Ratansen. Taking
this opportunity, the wily Sultan deceitfully kidnapped
Ratansen and took him as a prisoner into his camp
and demanded that Padmini come and surrender
herself before Allah-ud-din Khilji, if she wanted her
husband King Ratansen alive. The Rajput generals
decided to beat the Sultan at his own game and sent
back a word that Padmini would be given to Ala-uddin
the next morning. On the following day at the
crack of dawn, one hundred and fifty palaquins left
the fort and made their way towads Ala-ud-din’s
camps The palanquins stopped before the tent where
king Ratansen was being held prisoner. Seeing that
the palanquins had come from Chittor; and thinking
that they had brought along with them his queen, king
Ratansen was mortified. But to his surprise from the
palanquins came out, not his queen and her women
servants but fully named soldiers, who quickly freed;
Ratansen and galloped away towards Chittor on
horses grabbed from Ala-ud-din’s stables. On hearing
that his designs had been frustrated, the lustful
Sultan was furious and ordered his army to storm
Chittor. But hard as they tried the Sultans army could
not break into the fort. Then Ala-ud-din decided to lay
seige to the fort. The seige was a long drawn one and
gradually supplied within the fort were depleted.
Finally King Ratansen gave orders that the Rajputs
would open the gates and fight to finish with the
besieging troops. On hearings of this decision,
Padmini decided that with their men-folk going into
the unequal struggle with the Sultan’s army in which
they were sure to perish, the women of Chittor had the
option either to commit suicides or face dishonor at
the hands of the victorious enemy. The choice was in
favour of suicide through Jauhar. A huge pyre was lit
and followed by their queen, all the women of Chittor
jumped int the fames and deceived the lustful enemy
waiting outside. With their women folk dead, the men
of Chittor had nothing to live for. Their charged out of
the fort and fought of furiously with the vastly
powerful array of the Sultan, till all of htem persihad.
After this phyrrhic victory the Sultan’s troops entered
the fort only to be confronted with ashes and burnt
bones of the women whose honour they were going to
violate to satisfy their lust.
5 That Jauhar was a Hindu custom of self-immolation
which was followed in order to avoid rape, capture and
enslavement after the defeat in a war. Jauhars mostly
occurred during the war between Hindus Rajputs and
Muslim. Jauhar is derived from Sanskrit words Jau or
Jiv, meaning life, and har, meaning defeat. The
Jauhar practice was followed by the Rajput women
and instead of consuming poison they preferred to
burn in agni (fire) because agni symbolizes purity.
6 That after the Juahar committed by Rani Padmavati
she was immortalised by medieval bards and was
worshipped by Hindus more particularly Rajput
women who considered her as a role model for Indian
women who epitomises the Indian culture. Many
temples were erected in her memory which can be
found at several places in Rajasthan and Gujarat.
7 That in year 2016, Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali teamed
up with Viacom 18 motion pictures to produce and
direct an epic period drama in the name and style of
“Padmavati” featuring Deepika Padukone in the title
role as Rani Padmavati, alongside Shahid Kapoor as
Rawal Ratan Singh and Ranveer Singh as Alauddin
Khilji. The film is likely to be released on 01.12.2017.
8 The trailers of the motion picture were released in the
month of October, 2017. The trailers interalia show
Rani Padmavati doing a “Ghoomar” dance. The
depiction of Rani Padmavati in the said dance
sequence depiction is contrary to how traditionally
Ghoomar is performed. The Queens never use to do
Ghoomar themselves and the thumkas (hip movement)
and the revelation of skin by Ms. Padukone in her
portrayal of Padmvati has hurt the sentiments of the
Rajput community. Here it would be pertinent to point
out that in past, the people in the film industry and
Mr. Bhansali in particular have not been averse to
generating controversy during the shooting of the film
or after the film is about to be released so it generates
enough interest in the film and effects the box-office
receipts favourably.
9 The depiction of Rani Padmavati in the movie has hurt
the sentiments of the people which have led to violent
outburst. In the month of January the sets of the
movie at Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur were destroyed by the
members of Karni Sena who staged an angry protest
against the director of the movie Sanjay Leela
Bhansali. Again in March 2017, the sets of Padmavati
were vandalised in Kolhapur’s Masai plateau. In the
month of September, 2017 Deepika Padukone’s first
look poster was torn and burnt by Rajput Karni Sena,
in Jaipur. Petitioner therefore submitted a
representation to the Ministry of Information and
Broadcasting, Government of India on 10.10.2017 to
pre-screen the movie before its release.
10 That in the month of November, 2017 the ruling
Bhartiya Janta Part submitted representation to the
Election Commission, Central Board of Film
Certification (CBFC) and the Central government to
temporarily hold the release of the film for allegedly
hurting the sentiments of the Kshatriya community.
That on 03.11.2017, thousands of people took to the
streets and blocked roads across Rajasthan’s
Chittorgarh city to protest against the release of
Padmavati. The protesters alleged that the film has
love scenes between Queen Padmini and Alauddin
Khilji. The Union Minister and leader Ms. Uma
Bharati in her statement dated 03.11.2017 asked
makers of the historical drama Padmavati to engage
its detractors along with the censor board and
historians to end the controversy around the release of
the film.
11 That it is respectfully submitted that though petitioners
do not support the extra constitutional violent
methods of opposing the motion picture but at the
same time these incidents are indicative of the
grievances of the members of the Hindu Community
which also needs effective redressal. Though the script
is not in public domain but once the movie is released
and if there is anything which is against the
traditional portrayal of Rani Padmavati then
irreparable loss shall be caused and the same might
even escalate to law and order problem.
12 The petitioners therefore implore this Prime Minister
and Director for classification board to constitute a
committee of eminent historians and prominent
citizens to prescreen the movie for this select
committee which will have the mandate to check the
veracity of the script of the movie in question so that
there is no inaccuracy in the portrayal of Rani
13 The present Petition is being filed on the following
among other grounds:
A. Because in the in the garb of creativity, the producers of
the motion picture has taken undue liberty and has
completely changed the historical facts which is highly
objectionable. It is submitted that the portrayal of historical
legends have to be done in a historically accurate manner
and creativity cannot be used as a pretext to malign or
sully their image.
B. Because Rani Padmavati was known for her pious life style
and her character was beyond reproach but in order to
serve the prurient interest of certain section of audience
filmmaker has shown the Queen to dream about Ala-ud-din
Khilji and is shown to be in love with him.
C. Because it is reprehensible that in order to earn some profit
the producers have stooped to such a level wherein they
have stopped caring about our rich cultural history and
has indulge in character assassination of Sati Rani
Padmavati. This has created great angst among Hindus in
general and Rajput Community in particular. Rani
Padmavati who is considered as role model for Indian
women and is the epitomisation of Indian culture has been
shown as a degenerate woman and an admirer of a
lecherous foreign invader.
D. Because owing to the anger arising out of the incorrect
portrayal of Rani Padmavati, the release of the movie in its
present form is likely to lead to law and order problem as
no Indian would tolerate incorrect portrayal of the Goddess
Sati Padmavati.
E. Because while Fundamental right of Freedon of Speech
and Expression is guaranteed under our constitution but
the same is subject to certain restrictions. In order to
create balance between the two, it is prayed that Ministry of
Information and Broadcasting be directed to form a
committee of reputed Rajput leaders to check the veracity
of the script of the movie in question so that there is no
inaccuracy in the portrayal of Goddess Sati Padmavati.
F. Because the petitioner is acting in a bonafide manner
for the welfare of all the devotees of Rani padmavati
and to safeguard the belief in her by millions of people
around the world.
It is, therefore, most respectfully prayed that Australian
Government Stay the release of the Motion Picture “Padmavati”
till such time by which the historical inaccuracies in the
depiction of Rani Padmavati is not corrected by the producers.

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