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STOP BIG W & other COMPANIES to Take away CHRISTMAS & other Christian festivals

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Christmas is the very essence of our Nation, it is our tradition, our values and it is the foundation of our Nation and families as Christians. So, we cannot accept businesses and any politician leaders to change it while they proudly display Eid Mubarak and other festive names yet Christmas is offensive to them. If they are offended then Australia is not the place to be, they can go to countries where they won't get offended. As for us Australians we will stand and fight for our roots and traditions. When they migrate here they sworn to abide to our rules and in doing so they made a public commitment to Australia and accepting the responsibilities and privileges of becoming an Australian citizen.

 Christmas, Easter and any other Christians traditions and festive are NOT going anywhere. They must go. This is our country, our tradition, if they preserve theirs' in their countries then it is very OFFENSIVE to us to come to our land and disrespect us as such. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. If they cannot abide, then they must pack their luggage & leave.

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