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Stop Australia Being Dragged Down By Trump

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Our Minister of Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop has made a statement saying that Australia is behind Trump and his maniacal, unethical choices. We must take a stand and show our leaders that Australia will not be dragged down with Trump, we DO NOT support racism and the denial of human rights. We DO NOT support Donald Trump, nor any government who would support him because they are too scared (or stupid, take your pick) to stand up and say no. #HatredIsNOTWelcomeHere 

Mr Prime Minister, 

I am shocked and disgusted at your recent support of Donald Trumps immigration policy and I ask you to reconsider that support.

The Australian people do NOT support racism and the denial of human rights and we will NOT support anyone who condones such things.

You were elected to represent the Australian people not yourself and by supporting this tyrant and his unethical, immoral behaviour, you are thereby saying that we the Australian people also support it.

You have a chance to stand up and be a strong leader instead of a follower, you have a chance to say this is not right. You have a chance to shine. Please do not let this chance go by.

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