State care requires accountability and sanctions to curb abuse and neglect.

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This petition has been started as the result of MANY stories that have come to the attention of the Child Protection Party about CHILDREN in STATE CARE who have been ABUSED and NEGLECTED.

This petition was further fueled by the Four Corners ABC program which aired on national TV on Monday 25 July which showed the horrendous ABUSE of youth offenders in a NT Youth Detention Centre. This event was a PUBLIC and SHOCKING EXAMPLE of what young people can face, in a variety of fashions, when they are entered in a SYSTEM that is MEANT to PROTECT them.

The Child Protection Party believe and demand that our children and young people in the care of the State should be PROTECTED, not ABUSED and NEGLECTED further. Not cast aside. Those who ABUSE and NEGLECT children in care need to be made LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE for their actions - in other words, they are culpable and they should face criminal charges.

Our children  are our future and we, as a nation, must do all we can to PROTECT our future. Ignoring the ABUSE and NEGLECT of our children is ignoring our future.

Ignoring the ABUSE and NEGLECT of our children is telling them that we DON'T CARE about them, their future or the country’s future.

We are telling them that they don’t matter.


We refer this to The Hon. Malcom Turnbull and The Hon. Christian Porter because we believe this is NOT a STATE ISSUE.


We believe that, acting in consultation with experts and members of the community, the Federal government is the body best suited to ensure not only JUSTICE and ACCOUNTABILITY for transgressions against children in STATE CARE but also to change the culture that has developed in the field of state care across the nation.