Start managing our Australia on behalf of all the people. Link below has the answer.

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We are given away our, Australian,  oil, gas etc. resources  for peanuts and to resolve this issue is all within the reach of all of us. Please pass on this message to all people you know. It will hopefully then reach the many people in power decisions areas that are required to get it to work. 

If we can get this message across to our politicians they can do something about it as the solutions are within this petition. Ask anyone to  watch the short video in the link a below as it explains very clearly how it is done and the benefit is for all of us.

Australia is the richest country in the world and we do not appreciate this fact

If we did, we would do something about it.Not just for our self's but the future generations.

I happened to see large numbers of LPG tankers sailing past our unit whilst having a coffee cup or a beer on our balcony. I am semiretired and do not stress anymore but this upsets me to no end.I see the LPG tankers as someone walking out with a load from our fridge, day out and day in. One day it will be empty.

I am very certain that the people in Australia is not getting much from it. Quite the opposite to what the Norwegian model does as shown in the video.

To make it worse during the negotiating with gas company's we should  have asked to get the LPG required to be used on our  land for a say 5 % of the world market price, based on the Saudi Contract Price (CP) for LPG. Day one of implementation every ones power bill would be reduced and our industry prosper.

Jobs plentiful and a Win Win for the whole country.

The Commonwealth do get some royalties, some time. 

Not only is the video in the link an eyeopener but reports  on the same web page  shows how much the Norwegians are getting out of their early wise decisions. Look at the transparent accounts. The long number on the front of the web page is up to date how much the Norwegian fund is worth and is constantly updated.

Note,Norway did not have any resources in the oil and gas industry in the 1960. The video tells the one the important decisions they made, we should do the same here. We have much, much more resources in this country that would make it  a lot more beneficial to us all. 

Note the Norwegian model ALL the people benefit.

The Norwegian model