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Say "Yes" to immediate equality", block the plebiscite.

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Dear the above addressees, and to everybody this petition is shared with,

In the immortal words of Lily Tomlin; "I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody." 

I therefore was moved to write this, as I am somebody. 

Today myself, and so many LGBTIQ+ Australians were made to feel not quite as somebody as those not underneath this heading. We were told that we are still not somebody enough to marry the person of our choice in our own country. And now every other somebody needs to vote in costly plebiscite first that is both postal (therefore subject to loss,forgery, forced vote,  tamper, theft, damage, an endless list), and even then will not be necessarily be honoured at the end of it all by the other somebodies who make the big choices. 

Not to mention the whole manner of this system is reductive to people's lives and feelings.


Then, comes into question the fact that why do we need a plebiscite, vote, or any kind of poll when the Marriage Act was suddenly changed by ONE somebody (former Prime Minister John Howard in 2004) ref

Why I repeat for emphasis, does the reversal cause so much more fuss than the initial change we had no say on which removed our rights? 

We the undersigned therefore ask for the following:

That the plebiscite be blocked (I am sure $122 mil can be used for other things)

That the marriage act be redefined without reference to gender.

That marriage equality therefore be passed.

Please remember, we LGBTIQ+ Australians and our allies are somebodies. 




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