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Save the Sydney GPO building!

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The sale of one of Australia's most significant buildings to foreign ownership has been clandestine and opaque. Once it is in foreign hands, this iconic masterpiece of architecture will be gone for at least 99 years and could be in the controlling hands of someone with no respect for our culture and heritage. They will want to make maximum return from their investment, even if that means changing the internal layouts, drastically altering hundreds of years of our history. We will completely lose control of this iconic landmark, and we have already flogged off our beautiful Queen Victoria Building and The Strand among many others! While the State Govt are also looking to get rid of the dept of lands and education buildings. This cannot go on! Please sign this petition urging the immediate intervention of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to protect our history because as Clive Lucas said:

"A nation that forgets its history is a nation that has no future."

Do you see Paris or Rome selling off their National gems? Imagine the dent in national pride if the Louvre went to a overseas investment Company! We may not have as many significant buildings as Paris, but the ones we do have, belong to us all and should be protected and fought for, not hocked off for a cheap buck to the highest bidder. Yes $150m is a cheap buck for this building!!!

Mr Turnbull please intervene, because the sale of a priceless icon of our heritage past can hardly be in the national interest; our heritage is worth more than anything money can buy and when all of our gems are bought up by foreign businessmen, what will we have left?

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