Save the Dream Factory

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Dear Prime Minister Turnbull, I'm quite sure you, along with the rest of Australia have a favourite ABC TV memory, from Countdown to Recovery or maybe even The Big Gig.

These iconic shows are a part of our nation's culture and they were all made in the same studio- Studio 31 – known affectionately as “The Dream Factory” for it helped so many people's creative dreams come to fruition. The site, at Ripponlea in South East Melbourne currently sits empty following the relocation of the ABC studios.

The Federal Government is the land owner and we understand you are soon to sell the site to developers.

We beg you - don't sell our culture to the highest bidder. Instead we urge you to give The Dream Factory to the community so that we can continue to foster our young artists and entertainers and preserve the studio that nurtured so many dreams.

We, the undersigned implore you to consider the obligation you have to the history and the future of the arts and entertainment industry in Australia.

It's in your hands.