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Save the date, change the story: Australia Day

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"In acts of reconciliation, national apology, recognition of rights to land and native title [and] a willingness to review history... we are forging a nation. It is a project without end, as all nations are." - Stan Grant

There is a valid movement to change the date of Australia Day; we stand with this movement and in addition, propose to declare the 26th of January a national day of mourning and celebration of Indigenous Australia.

As an Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australian, we believe that only by acknowledging our past can we then come together to celebrate the present and look collectively towards our future.

Let us recognise that ‘White’ Australians today may not have been personally responsible for the actions of the past, however we have all personally gained at the expense of Indigenous human beings by the actions of our ancestors. We cannot change our past, but we can take steps to deconstruct the systemic legacy of colonisation that continues to oppress and disempower Indigenous Australians today.

Let us commemorate the 26th January for what it is: A day of mourning to grieve the past, acknowledging those whose lives were taken and the lands, languages, cultures and people that were stolen. Just as we remember our fallen soldiers on Anzac Day in somber celebration, we should acknowledge and remember the national story of loss on our own soil.

We don’t want to eliminate a day of national celebration, Australia is our home; we belong to it as much as it belongs to us. We want to maintain our day of backyards, barbeques and the hottest 100 countdown. Let's do this on a day that everyone can enjoy – the 27th of January perhaps?

TL;DR. Two public holidays: January 26th, a day of mourning and healing followed by January 27th Australia Day, a day of celebration for all Australians.

#changethedate of Australia day #amendthemeaning of the January 26th.

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