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Restore science occupations to Australia's skilled occupation list!!!

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Dear Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull,

I wish to stress, my motive is for constructive and positive dialog through a positive grassroots petition to ensure that Australian scientific industries remain at the forefront of the development of our multicultural diverse society. That Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in all fairness has been a strong advocate of.

As a young Australian born sole national citizen who has lived in Australia since birth and a PhD Student at the University of Melbourne studying science I wish for the restoration of a variety of removed science positions to the commonwealth Skilled occupation list. And for such positions to be added to the new Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List that has been created due to the intended removal of the 457 visa.

In particular I am writing about removed positions that include Biochemist, Biotechnologist,Life Scientist, Life Scientists NEC, Food Technologist, Geophyscist and Hydrogeologist.

Changes which have occurred due to the intended removal of the 457 visa 

Science exists at the forefront of our multicultural Australian society.


Science is an international focused industry built on multiculturalism and immigration. 

My desire is to continue to be able to work with people who come from all over the world to Australia.

Part of the reason I started studying science was because I saw it as a force for good that could bring the world closer together through peaceful international collaboration on research and development for the benefit of all humanity.

I would watch NASA TV with Astronauts working on the international space station and was inspired by the excited dreams during an interview with a young girl who saw science collaboration as a peaceful method to breakdown barriers between societies and bring the world closer together.

These sort of visions are also promoted by the likes of sci-fi authors such as Arthur C. Clarke or Issac Asimov that are some of the greatest science fiction novels of all time. That also inspired me.

Science without borders is a theme which makes scientific research worth pursuing. 

I may benefit from these changes on a personal level but that doesn't mean I' amm happy with the long-term direction of it all of it all.

We want Australian industry to be able to draw on the scientific talent from all over the world as freely as possible and that continues to enrich and create a fulfilling international research work culture and is the morally correct thing for Australia and the world!

We wish for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to continue to support the benefits of immigration and multiculturalism that are party that supports free enterprise and champions the power of business to drive the Australia's economy forward to not remove scientific occupations and add them to Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List. That he has been an excellent champion for.

Ultimately this petition is motivated to advocate the continued positive role many past coalition governments including prime minister Malcolm Turnbull's in championing the benefits of multiculturalism and immigration for Australia and to seek the positive, constructive continuation of such policies and ensure our prime minister remains a forefront advocate.

For the sake of both business and the role of science as a "force for good" in Australia and the world, we wish for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to reconsider these visa stages. As diversity is a source of strength for any country who wishes to pursue pro-business, pro-growth innovation agenda and is a huge part of driving successful scientific innovation.

As Malcolm Turnbull once said in a speech, the most successful societies in the world have historically been open to immigration. Immigration related to science is important for that.

For a strong startup culture one just has to look at the international talent with scientific backgrounds who drive Silicon Valley forward, such as South African born entrepreneur Elon Musk the founder of SpaceX, Tesla, SolarCity to see immigration, science and innovation all go hand in hand to make all our lives better.

Who has driven forward the development electric cars, solar roof technology, reusable rocketry technology, commercial space exploration and proposes to send to private astronauts around the moon in 2018 and send the first private mission to mars in the year of 2020.


We ask for the restoration, continuation of and further enhancement and development of policies beyond the scope of this petition that promote a strong, vibrant and successful multicultural, scientific community in Australia built on multiculturalism and immigration. 


If you want Australian science to remain at the forefront of championing Australian multiculturalism and immigration and the promotion of multicultural international scientific collaboration please sign this petition.

I will send an open letter in the nature of the words written above, written in ink to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull with the names listed of those who choose to sign this petition.

By supporting this petition you are supporting policies that make science exciting and worth pursuing in the eyes and dreams of many in Australia and around the world.

Thank to all in advance signing and supporting this genuinely important cause and positive grassroots petition to promote multiculturalism and the utilization of foreign talent within Australia's scientific community and scientific industries!!!

Kind regards,

Nicholas Sing

PhD Student

University of Melbourne




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