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Remove LBN CO From Australia

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I live in Banksia Grove, Western Australia. As a resident, I have a choice of few providers because it's LBN (copper), not NBN (fiber) and all of the listed providers in the area that I'm forced to use are just as bad as each other when it comes to delivering poor service. To begin with I had Exetel who signed me up and told me as soon as I get my modem that I will connect automatically. It didnt. Then, I waited on the phone for an hour to get pushed to another department, waiting another 30 or 40 mins and was asked if my jouse is connected and I was shocked because I thought they wouldve known that - It doesnt help that they have very strong Indian accents either. Eventually after some messing around, I threatened to leave them to be told that I will be charged $350AUD and also for the modem because it was out of the box. I mentioned that I was told by a staff member to do that, it didnt matter. I went to Australian Ombudsman and got out of the contract without paying anything. Now im with AUSBBS which took a long time to get connected because I was given an indoor box instead of an outdoor...I spent all afternoon to get the internet connected. If I go to another provider, it'll be just as  bad as the next. My internet keeps dropping out, I tried contacting AUSBBS who has no after hours service and I've been waiting for over a week...within that week, I sent several emails including formal complaints and phone call back because you can never reach them on the phone. If you've had enough as much as I have, I hope you will sign this pertition. I will be having a meeting regarding this matter with an MP on Monday. However, I blocked AUSBBS from taking money out of my bank account. Each time I check the reviews based on our chosen providers, I can see that Im not the only one battling them. Lets try to put an end to this bullshit!


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