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reclaim my wife, life,health and natural justice...!

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i was Australian permanent resident for 10+ years, i never been asked to leave Australia over relatively common minor offences that i am innocent of committing , i was a victim of systematic targeting by south Australian police with evidence, too many false charges and allegations were made against me,

i wanted to clear myself and my head from the none sense. i decided to travel to my country of birth Egypt to visit my family there, on my way back to my extended home Australia i was told no i cant, i have a wife, life, income, medication and treatment in Australia that i can not reach now,

more important there is an important aspect of natural justice which is proving i am an innocent person but blocking me from returning to Australia is taking this right away from me or ones in my situation,

also i have multiple injuries that i sustained inside Australia while working for income and there is litigation in that sense before a high court in Australia that i can not run now as result of the cancellation of my visa, i spoke to few lawyers regarding the cancellation of my visas, and they all agreed that it was not appropriate or even legally cancelled, by the DIBP, i appreciate fair support for fair go, to simply live my life the way i deserve like human being,

i made all the appropriate efforts to have acceptable explanation but sadly all my efforts were met with very nasty and arrogant attitude by the Australian immigration department , , i again seeking natural justice in accordance with the Australian constitutional laws and that is it, i been married for 15 years to an Australian woman , i have no ideas what will happen to my wife and my marriage,  i am prevented from accessing to any forms of therapy to my conditions, i cant earn any income because of my disabilities and long term health problems,  please put yourself in my situation and just try to picture the amount of suffer and pain i am exposed to, political games should not leave any sorts of nasty impact on people , human should not be living like this...!!! 

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