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Protection of children with parents who have a narcissistic personality disorder

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Emotional and psychological abuse can be more destructive then physical abuse. Studies have found that long term, these forms of abuse can result in permanent brain damage. Having had personally dealt with a person, who has a narcissistic personality disorder, I can tell you the emotional effects are devastating. It's daily torture and it can take place in the most subtle of ways at times. It can take a long time for a person to realise they have become a victim of a narcissist. By the time this happens, the victim is usually a shell of themselves, suffering depression, anxiety, panick attacks and post traumatic stress.  Children of a parent with narcissistic personality disorders (NPD) are even more prone to the emotional trauma. They are very vulnerable and most don't have a full understanding of mental health. Numerous studies have shown children of an NPD parent are also more likely to suffer health effects, have a much higher risk of commiting suicide and are at risk of developing a personality disorder, due to the trauma. 

In the family law system in Australia, the child has the right to have a meaningful relationship with each parent and also be protected from sexual, emotional, physical and psychological harm. Yet due to the under diagnosis of NPD, children are exposed to great harm without a choice or a voice. It is not possible for children to have a meaningful relationship with a narcissist, nor be free from harm of a narcissistic parent. So granting access or any form of custody is not protecting children or children's rights. People suffering NPD are rarely diagnosed due to their belief that it's not them, their behaviour is the result of everyone else been wrong or insane.  Some psychiatrists have even admitted to struggling with diagnosis of NPD as they are extremely good at manipulating people and situations, by playing the victim. 

Most people facing a custody battle against a person with NPD, are terrified of the outcome. They have spent years suffering daily torment and know how well they can play victim and manipulate the situation to win. These people are not capable of love. They do not love their children, they are simply pawns in their never ending pursuit of destruction. Parents know they are completely helpless because their children will suffer the same emotional abuse and it's all in the hands of our uninformed family court system.

This needs to change. I need your help to raise awareness of this serious condition in the hope some legislation can be brought into family law to protect children from having to have contact with such dangerous and toxic people. With raising awareness I hope this condition can start to be more recognised within our court systems and that judges can have a better understanding of the psychological damage it can have. Our children need to be protected, victims need to feel able to voice their concerns openly in order to protect their children. 

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