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Prosecute Christian Porter For Corruption

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I have evidence that Minister of Social Services Christian Porter engaged in corrupt activity while Attorney-General of the WA state government in 2008.  I am asking that Social Services Minister be investigated by the authorities for corruption.

Regarding Centrelink’s debt recovery program, Porter has said “they're letters seeking information to explain a discrepancy” and “the person can go online or use the assistance of Centrelink officers to explain the difference”.

The key to my claim of a difference between his involvement in corruption and the standards he is supposed to keep as a minister is in three parts: 

 (1) the advice from the WA Department of Transport to the WA Parliament as to the existence of documents addressing my claim;

(2) my advice from 1999 that Transport’s advice was false meaning a search for such documents would be a logical start to an investigation; and

(3) the WA Corruption and Crime Commission’s 14.8.08 acknowledgement that such documents don’t exist. 

As recently as 2016 the WA CCC has refused to address the misleading of the parliament.

In 1998 I submitted a public interest claim as a Transport employee (although unpaid since 2000) concerning the introduction of privatisation regarding that department. The claim, ultimately encompassing alleged fraud, misappropriation, falsification of records, abuse of office and perjury, was never the subject of an objective and thorough investigation. There was a cover-up. In all, 16 Members of Parliament have tried to achieve a resolution.  Since 2000, there have been nine statements made in parliament by politicians aimed at a resolution to my disclosure.

The letter I sent Porter the day after our first meeting in 2008 covered my request for his help in great detail.  I explained to him that the issue involved a cover up of corruption within my department and victimisation I was receiving as a result of the claims I was making. 

Critically, my request of Porter featured points (1) and (2) of what I have emphasised above as irrefutable evidence.  In arguing that individuals that were not doing their job I identified the Police Commissioner and the Parliamentary Inspector for the CCC, who was later appointed as the WA Governor.  Importantly, the parliamentary record was highlighted. 

In his response to my appeal for help Porter gave me a commitment to formally request the Parliamentary Inspector for an explanation as to why the responsible authorities were only expressing an intention to address a very small proportion of my corruption claim. Porter did not honour that commitment and in so doing, as I put to Prime Minister Turnbull in October 2015 regarding Porter’s ministerial appointment, he decided to collaborate with the others involved in the cover-up.  Porter’s decision contrasts with the actions of his then boss, Hon Paul Omodei as Leader of the Opposition, who in 2008, being one month before my meeting with Porter, elicited an answer in parliament in regard to points (1) and (2) of what I have emphasised above as irrefutable evidence.     

Despite all the above, the authorities have not assisted in getting Porter to explain the difference between his involvement in corruption and the standards he is supposed to keep as a minister: 

- The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission and Federal Police have failed to respond to my correspondence concerning the involvement of a member of the ACIC Board, namely WA Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan and Minister Porter in the cover-up;

 - The ACIC since 6.1.16 has failed to respond to my request for an explanation as to the difference between the ACIC’s definition of organised crime and the conduct of O’Callaghan and Porter, when the WA Attorney-General, in relation to the corruption cover-up; 

-  The AFP has failed to respond to my request, made in light of the Attorney-General’s Department advice of 29.5.16 for me to report to the AFP, for a ‘put up or shut up opportunity’ in regard to documentation in support of my claims;

- The AFP has failed to respond to my request for an explanation of the protocol for the initiation of an investigation into politically sensitive crime; and 

- The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity has failed to respond to my request, in accordance with their role, for them to gain advice from the ACIC on their failure to respond.

The ‘just don’t respond’ strategy of the federal authorities is a repeat of that employed by WA authorities.  Consequently, I’ve complained to the Australian Parliament.  The Joint Committee for the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity and Joint Committee on Law Enforcement on 8.11.16 and 10.11.16 respectively asked the agencies within their respective jurisdictions to consider my claims.  Still no response!  

I contend I can explain the discrepancy between Porter’s involvement in corruption and the standards he is supposed to keep as a minister.  I am seeking support for an opportunity to table my evidence. 

Neil Winzer

Letter to Crime and Corruption Commission (6.3.16) by ALP WA Minister Kim Chance on behalf of Mr. Winzer

Response to Minister Chance from Crime and Corruption Commissioner John McKechnie (10.5.16)


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