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Prime Minister Turnbull must sack Minister Dutton

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The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Peter Dutton, has demonstrated such an appalling appreciation for his role as a political leader in protecting the social fabric of this country that we, the undersigned, call upon the Prime Minister to immediately remove him from his position.

The commentary of Mr Dutton over the last week in relation to the work of a former Prime Minister, the late Malcolm Fraser, his inflammatory remarks about Lebanese migrants generally, and Muslims in particular, are those of an individual who seeks to create division and discord in the community rather than a Minister of the State.

Mr Dutton's comments are simplistic, lack nuance and deliberately designed to further the inflammation of hatred within our community.  His rhetoric emboldens those within society who wish to marginalise minorities and use them for political point scoring.  This trend is a continuing one that has contributed significantly to the fear and anxiety that is on the rise in society.

We the undersigned, people of good will who hold dear the notion that the measure of a nation is how it treats its most vulnerable, are appalled and outraged that an elected representative and a Minister of the State should behave in such a manner.  

We call on the Prime Minister to immediately sanction and remove Minister Dutton from his position.

It is time that our Political leaders showed true leadership on these vital issues of social harmony and speak out against the increasing bigotry and racism that is becoming common place.  It is time that the Prime Minister stood up for those Australians who are under increasing attacks for nothing more than their faith, the country of origin or the colour of their skin.

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