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Police pursuits continually called off and Bail granted to easily puts community at risk

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Today we have seen another disgusting, heartbreaking criminal act which has caused multiple deaths and mass devastation.

While we can not expect Government and Law Enforcement to prevent every single criminal from carrying out such terrible acts, but when you learn that the mongrel who was responsible for today's Melbourne atrocity had recently been "Charged" for violent crimes and was presumably out on "BAIL" it makes you wonder why the hell this maggot was granted bail in the first place?

I am reminded of another parasite who was on Bail when he held hostages at the Lindt Cafe where multiple people lost their lives.... (Little Man Haron Monis)

How is it possible that the two turds mentioned above were able to obtain bail? Clearly the people granting bail need to be reminded that protecting the community is the number one priority and the criminals rights must be a distant second place

As for police pursuits being called off.....

The piece of shit who drove his car into innocent pedestrians today (in Melbourne) was involved in police pursuits "Earlier" in the day.... but the pursuit was called off and this wanker continued to drive erratically and went on to hit 25 - 30 people, killing at least 3.

In Victoria we had another high profile police pursuit through Lancefield/Romsey a couple of months ago. This pursuit was also called off, the driver narrowly missed a woman and her child who were crossing the road. This particular driver was able to stop at a petrol station and attempt to re-fuel.... because the police had withdrawn from the pursuit.

As it currently stands, the criminals know that the faster they drive, the sooner the police will be forced to withdraw from the pursuit.... The criminals also know that if/when they are apprehended they are quite likely to be granted bail and released back onto our streets.

State Governments across the country have allowed the justice system to heavily favor the crooks. It is time to protect the community by getting tougher on the crooks

Police Pursuits - Stop the crooks, ram them, block them... even shoot them
Bail - Do not grant bail for serious violent offences
Prison Terms - The punishment MUST reflect the impact/effects of the crime

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