Stop Parental Alienation - It's a Crime...

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There are Thousands of Fathers & Mothers have not seen their children for months to years and some have not seen their children at all, as they have be silenced by the Courts with AVO's, Orders, Criminal Charges to Imprisonment based on false allegations.

Countless children have not seen their Extended Family & Friends for years or not at all. It is time to request the Federal Government of Australia to introduce New Family Laws to Allow Both Parents & Their Children To Have Equal Rights in Custody Matters. 
It is only fare that Australia can now follow the lead of Mexico and Brazil who Outlawed Parental Alienation. We need to Amend the Law within Australia and make Parental Alienation a Crime with a Maximum Sentence of 7 years or a Penalty and/or Both.

There also need to be penalties for those who allege that the other parent has hurt, assaulted or sexually abused the child / children to gain full and permanent custody in order to Alienate the child / children from the other parent, Maximum Sentence 10 years or a Penalty and/or Both.

There are countless Fathers & Mothers in Prisons within Australia that maybe innocent of any wrong doing based on Parental Alienation Tactics to get the children at any cost - Note: Fathers don’t have legal services or Male Support Groups like the Female DV / NGO’s and alike. There needs to be Federal Funding to equally support Men's Rights too.  

The alarming issues are that many Fathers, Mothers & Children have taken their own lives on this issue as they have been ordered to stay away from their children or parent and not to see them again until often the children are at a legal age that they can see the Alienated Parent, in most cases the child / children don't make contact at all as the damage is done. 

We the Australian people are asking the newly appointed Prime Minister Hon Mr Malcolm Turnbull to make change to Federal Laws to Stop Parental Alienation (Child Abuse) and make it a Crime under Australian Law.

Please watch this short video;

Courts Fail to Recognize Parental Alienation

We must support equal rights within Australia as it’s the law -

Anti-discrimination laws - including those implemented by the Commission - are well-accepted in Australia. Allegations of discrimination in employment, education, housing, services and public places can be investigated by the Commission or one of the State and Territory equal opportunity agencies.

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Please view our updated posts below which contain informative videos that lists why this is Child Abuse at its worst - Number of children seeking help for mental health problems doubles since 1998, landmark survey shows, ABC News Report Aug 2015 - Despite the rise of community awareness, acceptance of mental health and willingness to both help and seek treatment, the report still had alarming statistics about depression, suicide, and self-harm behaviour amongst young people.. Let's act now and help our kids today.)

There Are No Winners In Alienation Cases......

Thank you,
Tony Cavanagh
for the Protection of Children's Welfare & Safety