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Same-Sex Marriage Australia

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Same-Sex marriage in Australia has been an issue that has been put off for years, with the government blocking all plebiscites and referendums, therefore making it impossible for us to vote and enable the recognition of same sex marriage. Approximately 9% of men and 15% of women all around Australia have reported same-sex attraction. The more we discriminate against them and put this issue off, not only does their physical health suffer with them trying to forcefully change themselves, their mental state also suffers significantly. They think that who they recognize themselves as is not acceptable and suffer from major depression. I want the government to change the law and recognize that same sex marriage is marriage.

“Knowing what was facing me religion-wise and with my family I was pretty suicidal between the ages of about 16 and 19 … Not so much because of people’s homophobia but because of feeling totally trapped between a religion/family that didn’t accept homosexuality and being who I was” (Peggy, aged 20, 2008)

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