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Australian Carers Payment for 24 hour Care  to people who provide daily care to someone with severe disability, a medical condition, or who is frail aged.

In addition to the same payment as Newstart or own Pension entitlement the Carers payment is currently,

$65.10 per week for a single person  $49.10 per week for a person in a couple

7 x 24 hrs a day = 168 hrs  

38 cents per hour single  29 cents per hour for a person in a couple

A CARER who is entirely responsible for the health and wellbeing of a dependent or friend, is only allowed a maximum of 25 hours per week in the workforce, is effectively impoverished over a long period of time, for the sake of CARING enough to take on this workload and responsibility.

The Federal Government is saved the cost of nursing home, rehab hospital stays, disabilty housing and support services and other massive costs from the hard work of Australian CARERS.

If CARERS received a Wage, their income would be included for the purposes of Credit, Loans, they would be eligible for Insurance Cover for Workplace Injuries, and a multitude of benefits that come from being part of the workforce, rather than falsely being designated as a COST to the community on welfare.
It is an accident of history that work that is generally done by WOMEN.

With an average age of 54 Australian CARERS overwhelmingly in poverty and are often also called on to also help in emergencies amongst family and friends, and volunteer in their local communities for non-profit organisations.

Discounting of the work of CARERS by economists, governments, the workforce  and organisations to a non-role, a non-profession, little more than a friendly slave or family member compounds poverty and also increasingly homelessness.  It is a very precarious financial existence, where there is no superannuation and locks in income under the poverty line, for the life of the person being cared for. 

Please consider paying a LIVING WAGE to Australia's CARERS.



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