Increase the Australian Aged Pension and Lower the Eligible Age

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There are not enough jobs for all Australians! We all know this. So why do we harp on about dole bludgers? Our aged population has to live on approx $260 per week whilst our politicians will retire on non means tested tax funded pensions of nearly $2600 per week. Where is the fairness in that? With not enough work to go around people aged between 55 and 66.5 are forced onto the dole yet it is almost impossible for people in this age group to get work. The focus of the government is to get young people into work as it should be. Lower the aged pension back to 55 (where it should be) and free up more jobs for others.

As someone who worked in the aged industry I have seen people on aged pensions reduced to living without electricity and using candles, without adequate food and without transport. This means our aged are often depressed and isolated. More over paid committees to report on aged abuse but unable to do anything is not the answer. Lower the ridiculous wages we pay our politicians and use some of this to increase  the aged pension  and give our aged the respect they deserve!