Establish A National Aboriginal Museum in Canberra

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I speak as a non-Aboriginal Australian. I feel Australians and non-Australians would greatly benefit from having an Aboriginal Museum which informs, educates and enhances every-one who visits it. We have waited too long for such a place.

The Museum would be a place where visitors learn about Aboriginal culture past and present; the long and complex history of Aboriginal people in Australia; the frontier wars and the ongoing legacy of these; the contribution to Australia made by Aboriginal people; the path to reconciliation. The Museum would act as a vibrant repository for knowledge, expertise and research. It would also be a living, breathing centre for artistic expression. 

At a time when the federal government is spending millions on additions to the War Memorial, surely it is time to truly recognise and understand the oldest living continuos culture on this earth. A people who engaged in a war on our soil and lost their lives protecting our country, need a place which contributes to our understanding of their culture and history. 

What a wonderful and long overdue addition such a place would make to our national heritage.