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Medicinal Cannabis Oil Legal In Australia

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I have just had a heartbreaking conversation with my Father that I never want anyone else to experience.. After suffering Multiple Sclerosis for 25 years, the fact that he has lost the use of half of his body is enough, but the pain that radiates through his body and sees him begging for it to stop is too much. He literally said to me that it gets to the point where he can take no more.. I can't empathise with him as I have no idea what he is going through, but in his words, the first 10 or so years is OK.. People say "you're doing well".. and he coped.. but he said tonight, with anger in his voice "these bloody politicians don't know what I/we are going through".. "they get up and go for a run, life is normal, yet they stop the bill that could give someone like me a chance for a bit of relief"...

I am dumbfounded as to why Australia's politicians would not give every individual the right to their body..

Dad has tried EVERYTHING.. he has partaken in clinical trials, seen pain specialists, had medical implants and nothing - no relief from the pain that his MS causes him.. It's his wish to LEGALLY try medicinal grade cannabis oil in hope that it will give him some relief.. WHY Mr Turnbull should my father, a high school teacher (medically retired), a volunteer fire captain (medically retired), a father of 2, grandfather of 4, volunteer to many throughout the world, and MY WORLD, be stopped and not given a chance to see if this can work.. It's shameful on the government's behalf..

My Mother and Father after working their life, now spend their time volunteering in communities in Cambodia that don't have what we take for granted.. they are & were pillars of our community and to end up with my Father speaking of not wanting to take it anymore..What a horrific way to say thank you for so many years of making a difference to young Australians and human beings the world over..

YOU have the ability to make a difference to so many lives - WHY are you not doing something about it?

I LOVE you Dad, you give me the strength to make a difference in this world, and Mum, you are the most amazing and caring woman I will ever get the pleasure to know - I'm proud to call you both my parents.. I love you both so much..

Mr Turnbull.. It's your turn - make a change..




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