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Marriage Plebiscite - We the People Must Decide

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Marriage Plebiscite - We the People Must Decide

There is undue influence, pressure and intimidation being placed upon our elected politicians by forceful, well-funded, homosexual lobby groups, and the pro-homosexual media, to avoid a plebiscite on marriage and sneak through a parliamentary vote without the people having a say.

Our politicians are being harassed by an unrelenting media and are being targeted and punished for not agreeing with the homosexual agenda. Politicians are too frightened to speak honestly about this issue.

Because of this intimidation Australian politicians are unable to resolve this bitterly divisive issue and stand up for Australian children.

The media has taken sides, and as well as manipulating politicians, has locked out of the public debate those in favour of protecting traditional marriage and protecting children from this attempt to normalize homosexual sex acts in our society.

The Australian people are too frightened to even discuss this issue with their friends for fear of being bullied.

This matter must therefore be dealt with by the people, without this intimidation, in the privacy of the ballot box at a plebiscite. This will relieve our political leaders of this burden and pressure and free them up to govern our nation unhindered.

We, the people, do not want to wake up and find that a stacked party room or parliament with compromised, pressured, exhausted and grossly intimidated politicians in Canberra have taken the power out of the hands of the people.

We, the people, hereby respectfully request that the promised plebiscite on marriage be guaranteed by both the government and the opposition, ensuring the question be put to the Australian people and not be dealt with by politicians.

Sign this petition as a matter of urgency. Show Canberra where the real power is. SIGN NOW.

We still live in a democracy - LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE.

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