Mandatory sentences nationwide for those who assault emergency services

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Lately, it has become clearly apparent that the laws in Australia concerning the assault of emergency workers is not a deterrent for those who wish to impose harm on them.

Attacks on paramedics are at an all time high and this needs to be addressed

Just recently, 2 Victorian women basically got away with their crime of assaulting two Victorian Paramedics through a legal loophole and poor judgement from the presiding judge and the perpetrators have shown no remorse for their actions. Meanwhile, one of the paramedics may not return to work again as a result of the injuries sustained and the other paramedic has since been left with PTSD through the ordeal.

Although the Victorian government has stated they will step up to close these legal loopholes, the rest of the country also needs to follow suit impose these tougher mandatory sentences.

There should be zero tolerance shown to those who wish to harm the services that are there to help others regardless of issues the person who assaults the emergency worker faces.

Although we would like to see longer sentences, we are also realistic and would therefore like to see a minimum mandatory sentence of 12 months imposed on those who wish to do harm to our emergency services be them Paramedics, Police, Firefighters, Nurses or Doctors.