Make Personal Banking Legal

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DId you know it is allowable to pay your bills with your own money and not have to use a Bank?  


If this was to change then anyone could be a Bank and get paid peer-to-peer.  You would be able to use EFTPOS with your own Wallet and not have to use a Bank.  A Wallet is software or hardware you own to keep your money secure. 

Banks are not letting anyone pay each other directly.  The Banking system like Eftpos is controlled by 14 major banks and further constrained by Visa and MasterCard  

With Crypto-currencies you can set your own terms and conditions, get paid instantly and pay others from your wallet directly.  

The Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition should break the Monopoly that the Banks have over Payments and take a bipartisan approach to fairness and equity. 

Support this proposal to put pressure on Government to allow you to have choice in how you transact, without intermediaries charging you fees for everyday transactions.