Make "I Am Australian" The National Anthem... A Song That Represents This Great Country!

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The Australian people deserve a national anthem that represents both the present and the past. 

I am petitioning to get the Australian National Anthem changed to the song "I am Australian". The current anthem "Advance Australia Fair" lacks lyrics that truly represent this country. 

"I came from the dream-time, From the dusty red-soil plains". These are the first lines to the song "I am Australian"... these lyrics represent the true nature of our country, the aboriginals were here first, they were the original custodians of the land, therefore they deserve to be mentioned in the anthem of this great country. 

Advance Australia Fair was written in 1878, Almost 150 years ago! things have changed... and so should to the song. "I came upon the prison ship", "I’m the daughter of a digger", "We are one, but we are many", "I am Albert Namatjira, "I'm the hot wind from the desert". These are lyrics from "I am Australian", as you can clearly tell they represent the history of this country far better than the current anthem. 

The song reflects on the original settlers, the aboriginals, the convicts and so much more that reflects the past of this nation. Australia claims to be a progressive country, after all, same-sex marriage was legalised last year... yet the national anthem does not reflect this so-called progression. 

By signing this petition you are doing something for yourself, for your community and for your country. Sign for a national anthem that represents the true history of this country, sign for a national anthem that respects the original people of this country and last but not least sign for a national anthem that reflects the progressive nature of the country.

Thank you for doing the right thing for your country!