Maintain Australia’s National Pride

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The old poem says, “Australians all let us rejoice for we are young and free.” But many Aussie’s don’t feel that anymore.
The kids in traditional families are told to be ashamed if they have a dad and mum.
Our school system is bringing outright disgusting sex training into the lives of kids without their parents knowledge or consent.
Meanwhile, in our hospitals, many horrific stories of vaccinations gone wrong are covered up. Any doctor or nurse mentioning vaccine problems has their licence revoked. This issue rests squarely on the government allowing big business too much rein. Is the pharmaceutical industry running Australia? Let’s tell them “NO!”
Are you a white Australian? Should you apologise for that? Frankly, No. We can’t change history and we shouldn’t indefinitely feel sorry for the aboriginals loss. We should encourage and assist our aboriginal friends to assimilate and make their race great in our nation. We should celebrate our heritage and include our aboriginal friends in the celebration. We are developing our country for every Australian.
Speaking of every Aussie, we should choose very carefully who is allowed into our country. If they are not going to assimilate, they should stay away. The Italians in the 60’s and 70’s are a good example of people assimilating successfully. A bad example is the hordes of muslim men who are pretending to be refugees. This is a Trojan horse if I ever saw one. Just ask Europe.
Our society is being broken apart and it needs mending. We have a beautiful country. Let’s make some tough decisions so that it is once again a great social fabric.
Make Australia Great Again.

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