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We live on the driest inhabited continent on the planet and what has always been clear is water is life and our rivers, including the Murray-Darling system are the lifeblood of this country. For too long we have abused what mother nature has given us and not given our rivers or the ecosystems that are supported by them the respect they deserve.

Right now our rivers are stressed along with the country and communities that rely on them. Last year alone, the Darling had no flow for eight months, this is longer than ever before seen in white man’s history despite the fact that last year New South Wales rainfall was 20% above average. The Murray-Darling is an interconnected system, much like a set of lungs. If one is sick and dying the other may survive but for how long?

The last few years have seen higher than average rainfall with last year alone being 63% above South Australia’s average rainfall, but eventually there will be another drought and ignoring the management issues of the basin due to a few good years is ludicrous.

It’s time the communities along these great rivers stand up and call upon Malcolm Turnbull to finish what he started and get a plan in place that is sustainable and fair. As a young person I’m sick of hearing from older people what our rivers use to be, let’s fight to get them back to what they were.

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