Let's stop the machine that is making money by failing people.

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Many people who want to live permanently in Australia are failing the English test that is required for a permanent residency visa. They pay hundreds of dollars to sit the test in reading, writing and speaking English. Most seem to be failing the spoken English component due to being tested by "a machine"! This is just ridiculous - they pass the other components and yet fail the whole test! AND if they persevere and try again, they have do the whole test again and pay hundreds of dollars again! Our family has been personally affected by this rort and someone out there is making money out of this. I must add that many of the people affected by this have university degrees and some have actually got their degrees in Australia! Maybe this "machine" only recognises Aussie accents, if that is the case then there are hundreds of thousands of Aussies that would fail this test! Something needs to be done about this.