Let people die with dignity and quickly. Please legalise voluntarily Euthanasia

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When someone decides to forego treatment to an incurable disease and they are told they will be made comfortable, it isn't always the case. Currently I am watching my poor father dying of starvation. To see this is horrendous for family and loved ones. No dignity in this type of death. He/we would have signed up for euthanasia vs being comfortable because there is no such thing. It is a long painful unnecessary way to end your life. It can take days or weeks to starve to death. It depends on your reserves and if you don't die of the disease you starve to death. Or as the medical fraternity says "Not getting enough nutrition to sustain Life". This can sometimes take up to three (3) weeks.  This should not be allowed to go on to human beings for any reason

Please if we can spend money on a Gay rights marriage vote please have the guys and do one on Leagalising Euthanasia 

If you feel you should sign my euthanasia post please share it and get things moving. I understand there are many with thoughts against euthanasia and so far that is th e beauty of Australia ��, we have the rights to our own opinions and hope we always will. I will understand if some of my friends don't sign as it is their right as much as it is others rights to sign. So our Political system should let the Australian Public have their say. I ask Mr Turnbull to have some b. lls and start a Postal vote like he has done on previous issues. Thanks for caring and share as some of your friends and families may like to have their SAY as well. Love to all my friends and family


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