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Legalising Same-Sex Marriage in Australia

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The article on Marriage on the Australian Parliaments website states, "In May 2013, Senator Hanson-Young introduced legislation which, if enacted, would have given recognition to valid same-sex marriages entered into overseas. The Bill was a specific response to the changes in New Zealand and would have allowed Australian same-sex couples planning to marry in New Zealand to have their marriage recognised on return to Australia."

So although Australia recognises New Zealand's same-sex marriages, no bill in the current 45th parliament has been provided to change this discriminatory law. I am glad that Australia will recognise a same-sex marriage from New Zealand but quite frankly I am very angry and disheartened that our current Prime Minister won't introduce a bill to remove  "a marriage is a union between and man and a woman" and replacing it with "marriage is the union between two people".

From 2016 to the current day alone there has been 18 unsuccessful attempts to change the Marriage Act. This is absurd and disgraceful. This shouldn't be a tough issue, or a issue at all. Equality is the only word that I should have to say. The Parliament has me thinking that they like this game of stringing people like me along thinking one day we will see equality.

For the most part people ask me, "Why do you care?", "Your not getting married, your not in a engaged, what is it to you?". It is more then marriage, it is about not feeling equal and being looked at as different and sometimes shamed for just being myself. My rights are no different to the person in Wales or Argentina. My right to marry does not dictate or take away from any other persons life. I shouldn't feel like a lower class citizen.

My parents will be getting married this year, becoming husband and wife under a law that is discriminating against me and others. I am going to be a witness to their wedding and I can not be happier for them. But I can't think to myself, "I can't wait to get married". Because to me it will never happen. People say, "It will happen soon enough, don't worry". I'm sorry but I'm not amused at the slightest. I haven't been able to say "I can't wait to get married" without my heart sinking.

The symbol behind marriage is the union you share with the person you love. It is what separates me from most of you. It shouldn't take 18 bills to amend the Marriage Act to allow me to marry. Allowing marriage equality will not only reassure those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans-gender +, that they are equal, but it will give the last little push for those to come out and be who they truly are. It will give strength to those who are going through a tough time and on the edge of not looking back. It will end people using it as the kindle to the fire of homophobia.

To me it is not just about Marriage, it is about me being no different to the next person. Being robbed of a right to share the union of marriage with who I choose to love. This matter has become a game for the Australian Government, and I am sick of it.

Prime Minister Turnbull, you must bring forth a bill to change this law. One of your points in the election was to ultimately change the Marriage Act to allow anyone to marry. The plebiscite was not the right move, thankfully the senate blocked it. As a gay male all I ask is for the same right to marry as you do and to have that right respected as do you. Amending the law will show younger teens and others that they are accepted and included in the shared right to marry. You will show that the Australian Government stands alongside the LGBTQ+ Australians by ultimately amending this discriminatory act. 

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