Laws to stop the Chinese from taking our baby formula and shipping it overseas to China

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Dear Honary Prime Minister Mr M Turnbull,

I also include the Opposition leader Mr B Shorten in this letter of petition to implement laws to stop the Chinese from illegally exporting our Baby Formula overseas as mothers we need it here in Australia to help feed our own babies. The Australian Government needs to stop the black market of infant formula from our soil and which it’s creating a shortage in our own country.

A few days ago I saw a truck in my local area in SYD  loading Chinese garage full of Australian baby formula which looks like shopping bags from Woolworths and Coles.

I contacted my local Police station and they couldn’t do anything about it.

Im asking for all the mothers or grandparents in Australia to ask for the Government help to stop the Chinese from illegally buying baby formula and exporting it. When we need it most for mothers who need the formula for their newborn babies and older babies.

As a Prime Minister,

We ask that you stop these people from creating a shortage and process laws to protect our babies from the shortage.

The Chinese have their own factories.

From the mothers of Australia we ask if your government can take a stand.