Justice must be served to Manmeet Alisher and not denied

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On August 10, 2018, a Brisbane court held that, Anthony O'Donohue, the man accused of killing Brisbane bus driver Manmeet Alisher will not go to trial as he is unfit to face trial. Manmeet Alisher burnt to his death when the accused used a bottle filled with petrol and diesel to set Mr Alisher afire when he pulled up to pick up passengers at a bus stop on the morning of 28 October 2016. The accused will now spend 10 years in a comfortable mental health facility and who knows he may be able to walk free sooner and what he does after 10 years or whenever he comes out of that facility? Burn someone else and walk free again but with protective clothing on him obviously. What a joke.

Too many times we see mental health cards being used to run away from justice. The accused in this case had all mental abilities to plan the murder and secure all needed things, waited for Manmeet’s bus to arrive and let another bus go, he knew who he had come to burn to death, he knew how to save his hands and body from burning and used protective gloves yet he is unfit for a trial. This is a joke and we feel gutted. Most murders are mentally sick anyways as no person of sound mind will kill.

What happened today is an insult of deceased Manmeet Alisher, his family and of all victims who too often see killers, offenders, one punch attackers and so on walk free. Please sign this petition if you agree with me and demand changes to respective laws so that justice is served and not denied. As elected representatives ask Premier of Queensland, Queensland Attorney General and Prime Minister of Australia to act and not just sit and watch. Courts are applying the written laws and it is the job of respective governments who should show respect to the deceased and bring necessary changes. If laws need to be updated then it is the job of governments to act.