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Thousands of young Australians are suffering from addiction to cigarettes. They are extremely susceptible to devastating short and long term consequences, which can contribute to the deterioration and complete destruction of their livelihoods. After young smokers have experienced addiction for a considerable amount of time they will most likely resent it; yet with little means to help them escape from what can be generalised as a bleak future, most who find themselves in the stages of early addiction are regrettably helpless. This general inability to help themselves leaves smokers in a difficult and painful situation; one which the government has a undeniable obligation to improve. The Australian government works on behalf of its citizens; and on this principle should not allow nicotine to be sold without any considerable restrictions or effective resistance. Although efforts have been made, they have not been as impactful as is needed to resolve such a widespread issue, and most focus on deterrence; which in itself ignores a large portion of Australians who are currently addicted.

So nicotine addiction is a shocking problem - and the Australian government has a responsibility to work harder to eliminate it - but how? We propose a plan to reduce the amount of nicotine in a cigarette by 10% once every five years for twenty years, to make easier the current smokers to quit. This must be done, if it is to be done at all, by the government; as it holds both the responsibility and the power to do so.

We can determine that our proposal will work based of the assumption that most smokers will cooperate with any proposed measure of prevention, and therefore will restrain from simply buying cigarettes in larger quantities, provided that the quotas of nicotine are reduced in small enough amounts. It is no doubt difficult to find a balance between too much and too little nicotine, as too much will make no feasible difference and too little will irresistibly encourage the purchase of larger quantities.

We acknowledge that although the specifics of our plan may need be adjusted upon further analysis of the issue, such as the exact quota of nicotine reduced, the idea is one that needs to be heard, as smoking is still a significant issue in our country despite all previous efforts. We need to try new innovative ideas that have the potential to make a greater and more consequential difference in Australia, as a pose to continually using the same strategies that continue to make an insufficient change.

We as Australians need to stand up for our thousands of fellow citizens who are suffering right beside us without any adequate proposals for change. We, as Australians need to demand more impactful efforts for the banishment of this horrible drug. We urge our readers to sign our petition and join us in our cause. By signing you are helping to make meaningful and much needed change in the way our government handles the devastating problem of smoking; join us to make a drastic difference in the name of thousands of suffering and at risk youth across Australia, before it is too late.