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We can't trust Australian Certified Organic.

Simon Mulvany
Melbourne, Australia

Jul 16, 2017 — You can not trust Australian Organic anymore. They are allowing packers of imported honey to use the certification in a way that misleads consumers.
This is another Australian Certified organic (ACO) honey that appears Australian but consists of imported honey. So many people buy this honey thinking it is 100 percent Australian. This imported honey is inferior and hurts all Australian beekeepers. ACO do not test this honey and if they do they will not give consumers the results. This Certified honey may not be organic at all. I was told by phone this week by their representative it may contain Monsanto's Roundup #glyphosate. Hundreds of consumers have complained about the quality of imported honey saying it is syrupy .

ACO are certifying a biosecruity risk. Imported honey introduces strains of diseases that Australia does not yet have yet.

I wonder why the packer of this honey has chosen not to comply with the new labelling laws.

ACO do you think that it is right if you certify honey as organic when it may contain glyphosate?

ACO is there compensation for consumers if they have consumed products you certify and we find out they are not organic?

ACO many Australians think your certification means the contents are Australian. Does that mean you will alter the way your logo can be used so consumers are not mislead?

Why don't you release the results of testing you have done on supermarket honeys in Australia?

Australians we need your help. We want to create a boycott list. Please check the labels of honey at supermarkets carefully and let #savethebeesaustralia know by commenting with a photo what brands contain imported honey. Especially Australian Certified Organic honey at major supermarkets. If you have purchased Australian Certified Organic honey than contains imported honey I suggest holding on to it for testing .

Australian Certified Organic you are fast losing any credibility Australians are sick of being deceived by corporations. Your certification is being used as a tool to deceive us.

You can support beekeepers directly by using the honeymap?

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