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If YES wins, Tony Abbott to resign from Parliament.

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FFS Australia, enough is enough! 

This despicable parasite has been the mouth piece for so much hate, hypocrisy, incompetence and embarrassment on an international level for way too long.  His outdated views on Women (staying at home, doing the ironing), Global warming (killing people is 'probably doing good'), International relations (shirt fronting Putin), Marriage Equality (Vote No poster boy), Free speech (only free when he is talking) and Child Abuse ("You know, I went to a Catholic school as a kid but no one did anything to me. Maybe I wasn't good-looking enough.") - just to mention a few - exhibit the multiple reasons he is a FORMER PM and a disgrace to our National Parliament.

Now he shamelessly hangs around in the LPN back bench like a putrid, rotting corpse... fanning his stench of 'has-been' towards any news outlet's microphone. He desperately seeks attention and relevance resulting in arrogant boasting of the numerous important votes he was too black-out drunk to attend. Honestly, where does this deplorable bigots entitlement end? How much more proof is required to convince Australians just how out of touch Tony Abbott is with the rest of us, or how little respect he holds for his position?

To quote a brilliant Facebook contact 'There is no such thing a peak idiot with Tony Abbott, he just keeps on climbing'. 

Let's end this national embarrassments free ride and demand that if the YES vote wins, which we all know Tony has been a fervent opponent of Australian's equality throughout multiple campaigns, he should immediately submit his resignation letter in to Governor General Peter Cosgrove or Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Are you as frustrated and embarrassed as I am? He constantly divides our nation, fuelling hatred, oppressing citizens, endorsing harmful conservatism and justifying deplorable behaviour - all without a shred of introspect or empathy.

Your tax dollars pay his salary. Its time for this to end. Sign the petition.

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