I want the Law scrapped, that bans over 65's from the National Disability Insurance Scheme

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The Australian Government has made a callous covert Law, that excludes all disabled people, aged 65 or over, from the National Disability Insurance Scheme when it starts in their area.
This Law is a disgusting cruel, national disgrace and needs to be scrapped ASP. It is discrimination in its very worst form.
The toothless Australian Human Rights Commission has advised me, that they are unable to take anti-discrimination action against this law.
The Australian Government falsely claims that the affected persons are covered by the Aged Care System. Most people are aware of the many problems in this area.
I urge everyone who has an older relative, to support this petition to have this Law scrapped and make this petition one of the largest ever.   Many older persons with a disability will be very grateful if you can help spread or promote this important petition and stop them falling through the cracks.