Help Farmers by pressing Turnbull before it is too late.

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Mr Turnbull,

Too many of our Aussie Mates out there in the bush are barely scraping together a meal and worse, not able to face another day. 

While it is of course good to hear that the Government is putting forward a payment to the Farmers, you must agree that it is - 
Way Too Little, Too Late. !!

More is required, with a sense of Urgency, to rebalance the situation, or at least temper it. 

Moreover, it is an insult that ;

a) they are receiving only $6,000 initially of the promised $12,000 which is in itself a pitance. 
b) they have to fill out a massive amount of paperwork to attain it. Simply unacceptable

Australian Bureaucracy is and always has been a significant impediment to the growth of Australia, and in this case, survival of Farmers.

Further, why is there no foresight in building pipelines to inner regions to deliver water that we have seen simply cascading down rivers and spillways with no benefit in wet seasons. Some initiative and action is required by Government, State and Federal.

Mr Turnbull, I would ask, on behalf of the vast majority of Australians I am sure, that you "step up" and "act" in the best interest of Australians, and in particular the Farmers who sacrifice so much so the rest of us can live and eat comfortably whether at home or in a restaurant.

You saying that it is the "farming way" to bear these drought situations does not cut it. This is an extraordinarily dry period and we all need to pitch in and help out. To support those who are the interface between the earth and the city. 

We are petitioning the Federal Government to "significantly" increase the payment to drought stricken Farmers to $100,000, in a lump sum payment, and in doing so bypassing the need for onerous paperwork surrounding this. This is not an unreasonable sum when one considers that a meagre adjustment to overseas aide budget would more than cover funds required to really assist Farmers. 

I would rather my taxes go to Farmers than the numerous other "politically correct" sectors I won't mention here, or "politically appeasing" sectors such as overseas aide when our very own people are suffering. 

With regards