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Goverment change Domestic Violence to be classified as Terrorism

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When the system fails it is time to change the system. For too long the Goverment, made up predominately of men have sat by and spouted slogans about violence against women without solving the problem. The justice department gives lenient sentences and repeated bail. Again and again our women are murdered on a daily basis...and those not live in fear suffering terrible pychological trauma for the rest of their lives. 

More women and children have been killed in Australia than any terrorist attack yet billions is spent on this issue.

its time for change ..those who terrorise women and children need to be treated and dealt with as terrorists. They need to be taken off the stree forever. Nothing will change if we don't shout loudly with our voices...we all have a basic right to live in safety. The Goverment should be ashamed of themselves for their complete lack of action on this issue.

Governments only act when they think they will loose votes....sign this petition...shout from the part of history and let's get these laws changed...your life could depend on it

Ma McGovern 


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