Give Australians Proper Data Protections

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Australians Deserve Data Protections.
We deserve the right to be forgotten.
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Manifesto for Australia's Right to Be Forgotten
The Internet is an amazing platform that significantly improves the lives of all who use it. It creates opportunity, it teaches people, it connects people and builds economies. But it is largely unregulated.

A side effect of using the Internet is the creation of data. Huge volumes of data. Things that were never previously written down can now be collected en masse by anyone with a website or app.

It is very easy to sign up to these services, but extremely difficult, if not impossible, to opt out.

The self-regulation of corporate data practices and online privacy has failed.

Tech companies are now in breach of the trust of the community.

Their sophisticated and pervasive technologies have allowed them to reach deep into the personal lives of every Australian. Well beyond their original mandate to do so. The ramifications of this are severe, but incomprehensible to most Australians.

The Government must protect its citizens.

Privacy is an unalienable right. Data belongs to the people who create it, not the people who collect it. Our data belongs to us. We deserve the right to control it.

The activities of these companies go well beyond our implied consent, and we can’t opt out. They control us, and they collect our data without limitation.

Our voices, our faces, our movements, our political affiliations, our relationships, our finances, our beliefs, our ethnicity. Information that has been at the centre of almost every conflict in human history is now being collected en masse without restriction and sold to the highest bidder.

Collecting data is not a problem. But not being able to opt out of data collection is.

We deserve the right to be forgotten.